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Day 26: Munich- BMW welt and Biergarten

We started the day at BMW Welt (BMW World- the BMW factory). Although when we left we almost left behind like 4 people, and we did leave behind one person, since Dr. D was sick of being late to everything so we started off after already waiting for five minutes. Claire and her friend that was doing an internship in Munich came out of the hotel and started running after the bus since we were driving away. Luckily they were still able to make it. Honestly though, it was usually the same people late everyday so it was nice to have Dr. D put his foot down for once (although on this day it wasn't the usual people that were late that almost got left behind). Not saying that I didn't like those people, I really did! Everyone was nice. it was just that I'm a VERY punctual person so people that aren't give me anxiety.

So we made it to the museum/ factory with minus one person. Outside the buildings Dr. D gave a lesson on how factories and engineering changed society back in the early 1900s. An interesting perspective. It's hard to imagine being essentially trapped in you near environment because the fastest you could go was on a horse, or a ship if it was water traveling! Now we're able to travel around the world in like a day! (Puts Around the World in Eighty Days into perspective!)

The museum was pretty cool, it basically showed how BMW started by making aircraft engines all through WWI. Then they also sold motorcycles, which started off as only a side product but it soon grew more popular. In 1929 they started manufacturing cars. During WWII however, they only concentrated on aircraft, motorcycles became a side business again, and they didn't work on cars. After the war, they survived by selling pots and pans (who knew?!) and motorcycles until later they started concentrating on cars more. For a while it didn't bring in a ton of profit, but with persistence they got more and more sales and turned into the automobile giants that we know today!

^^^ Car from inside the museum

^^^ One of their newer prototypes!

After our museum tour we got to go to the showroom and look at currently available cars! They also offer test drives.... but you have to be 21 years old and put down a 1000 Euro deposit! We're college kids- ain't no one got that money ready to use at the bank! It was fun to sit in all the cars though. We were all feeling like high flyers (even though we couldn't pay for the test drive).

^^^ They had motorcycles too!


I went around for the first part with Catherine, Lauren, and Kiley. This is us about to cruise.


Once we got our fill of automobiles, we waited for our group to get back together to go to the Pinakothek der Moderne museum. Lauren and McCall decided to go on the actual factory tour (which I think we might have been supposed to do originally, but it didn't work out). Dr. D kept asking Catherine and I if we were sure that we didn't want to go with our friends, and we actually were debating whether or not to go, but we decided to visit the museums instead. I'm glad we did- we had a lot of fun!

We were dropped off in the museum area of the city that had all of the museums. We were given our tickets that would let us into most of them (if not all? I don't remember). Catherine, JJ, Zach, Hugh, Madison, Tashia, and I broke off from the broke to try to find somewhere to eat. Unlike other occasions where we search for an hour just to find a place to eat, we stumbled on this place called the Burger House and it sounded good to everyone so we went in!

We sat in the booth at the back and all squeezed in! The atmosphere was super chill, which was nice. And they were playing this 90's station out of like Maine or something,, so while a little dated, felt like home!
(photos courtesy of google maps)

I only ordered some of their house fries because I wasn't very hungry after the awesome breakfast I got in the morning. But those fries were magical! Not as good as Portillos fries, but still really really good! I tried someone's burger and they were really good too! If you're in Munich- go there!

After eating we walked to where we thought the museum Dr. D recommended us to go in was, but it was a modern art museum. We had the tickets that let us get into it and since it was featuring art pieces by Andy Warhol, we decided to check it out anyway! The first problem we had was someone had a water bottle that had water in it, which apparently was not allowed! Then there were a few other things (like food?) that we had to check in the coat room because they were very strict! (I din't have to check anything because my water bottle, etc. was in my purse and they didn't check that!

This museum was my all time favorite, not because of the art- that was ridiculous, minus like three pieces- but because we had a LOT of fun joking about the art! A little too much fun... The museum security basically just followed us around the whole time! There was this one piece of art (Zach's favorite) that was this slab of wax with a candle coming out of it. It had hair all over the top of the base and was nude colored... so as you can imagine it ended up giving a VERY um phallic vibe... There was this other thing- and I won't even call it art because it wasn't- that was literally just a bag of kitty litter on the ground. It was called "Kitty Litter". Very original.

We walked into this one room that had a disco ball hanging from the ceiling by a chain. JJ said immediately "It looks like a wrecking ball!" and me, being facetious said "of course not! It's supposed to represent the breaking of society..." (reading off of the description of it's "meaning" on the wall by it. And then JJ said, "Look! It literally says 'like a wrecking ball'!" He then went near the disco ball and pretended to ride it like in the Miley Cyrus music video and sang "I came in like a wreeeeeeecking ball!". This old lady who worked for the museum started yelling at him in German, so we left that room quickly, stifling our laughs. It was definitely the most fun I've ever had in a museum.

After walking through the Andy Warhol and contemporaries exhibit, we went to the museum that Dr. D recommended to us. It was a museum featuring actual useful things as art, so like stylings of chairs, tables, phones, typewriters, etc. I think Ross would have really enjoyed it! Right as you walk into the museum part that had all of this stuff there was this wall that featured a lot of the objects. We sat in these chairs at the base of it and we made up "meanings" behind what was in the shelves and how it was positioned. I think we spent a solid 30 minutes doing that! So much fun.


We kept doing that all throughout this museum as well as the Modern art museum. 2 for 2 fun museums! After we left that one we found the park we were supposed to meet at and relaxed and laid down in the grass, enjoying the sun. When it was time to meet together with the group we got up and found everyone. We walked to the center of town to the Glockenspiel and got to see it go off!


It was really cool!... the first three minutes... then the music started to get to me. To be perfectly honest it was very neat to see all the moving parts and such, so it's definitely worth a visit if you're in Munich- plus it's so famous that you can't just not do it!

After that we were free until we met at the hotel to walk to dinner! We decided to look in some of the many stores that are around the glockenspiel and since Tashia had her phone stolen back at the Louvre, we stopped in at a t-mobile store for her.

This was one of the stores we passed that reminded me of my friend Rachel back home, so I sent it to her that night when I got wifi.


After we walked back to our hotel and relaxed for about 30 minutes, it was time to meet up with everyone to walk to the Augustiner-Keller Biergarten for our dinner! The people who went to the BMW factory tour were still gone so they had to grab a taxi or find their way to the restaurant without us.

^^^ Disclaimer: this photo and the next few are just ones I found online from others.

There were so many people there! I think the website said that they had like 5000 seats! When we got there our tables (on the deck of the place- most people were out in the gardens, which is seen in the picture below) they were already set up with the first course! Dr. D ordered the Bavarian meal 1 for all of us, which meant that the starter was this huge plate of radishes, meats, cheeses, breads, hard-boiled egg slices, and on and on. It was quite a feast for just the first course! I was sitting by Tashia, Catherine, and all them. Well while waiting for our main dish, Tashia had said "Guys you HAVE to stop me from eating more bread!" So when she grabbed the other half of her slice to eat, without thinking, I grabbed it out of her hand and threw it off the deck into the trees that separated us from the huge groups of people at the tables below (pictured above). The second after I did that I realized what I had done, and with surprised expression on my face, said "Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry!!" Tashia and everyone else thought it was super funny so at least she wasn't offended, but I felt so bad!


The second course was just as good as the first. We had duck, pig, this huge potato dumpling, and red cabbage. So amazing! The only problem was that I was getting full... The guys at our table (Zach and JJ) got this non-alcoholic drink offered by the restaurant that was a mix of a bunch of sodas, i tried a bit and it was different, but good! Germans really know how to do comfort food! (Them and the Southerners need to get together- imagine wienerschnitzel and waffles!)



Finally we had our dessert, which was this Bavarian vanilla cream with raspberries and whipped cream on top. Definitely a good way to end the meal! I liked that it was more yogurt-y in that it wasn't super sweet, it had a bit of a bite to it.

The atmosphere was a lot of fun to experience. There was a steady hum of noise from all the people talking, with the traditional german band playing songs layered on top of that. We were able to have really great conversation with everyone because it wasn't too loud and the food came out at the perfect time, so we had time between courses to talk. It grew dark as we ate, so it gave us all this cozy feeling as we were eating good food, and surrounded by friends. Kind of like the danish hygge!

This was my picture as we were leaving the restaurant. This is the reason why I relied on the internet for the pictures today haha, clearly my skills are lacking. It felt like a hobbit party at the Shire in the first LOTR movie! (I know, I know, I'm such a nerd...)


After we finished our dessert we made our way back to the hotel (luckily Hugh remembered the way!) and went back to our rooms. McCall and I (as per usual) were in the same room so instead of going right to bed, we had a little dance party... which consisted mainly of me spinning around the room. Whatever don't judge me, it was fun!

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