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Day 28: Sunday in Salzburg

We started this day out by going to church in the little ward in the Salzburg. Although the bus did get lost a few times and we had to drive by the same monuments three times since we couldn't just turn around (the streets were too small for a large bus, so we got to restart the drive to the church three times. I loved the church here because it was mainly in German and i actually could understand most of what was being said (well, the gist of it at least). Like the other sundays we only stayed for the first hour. We had a 2 hour block of free time before we went up to visit the castle, so after we were dropped off by the bus, we were off to have an adventure!

Our first stop was Mozart's house. We didn't stay too long since we wanted to find Sound of Music sites, but we looked around the gift shop and we each bought "mozart balls" which are these dark chocolate truffles that are filled with (according to wikipedia) marzipan and nougat. They were soooo good! But I mean they're chocolate truffles so it doesn't have a high possibility of being terrible. Its a confection that Salzburg has taken hold of (since they claim to be the home of Mozart), so it's kind of like the Chicago deep dish pizza of the town.

We then went on to find the garden that was featured in Sound of Music (specifically the Do-Re-Mi song), because we wanted to take a picture like one we found online. It was a beautiful garden, full of color and different types of plants. There were fountains and trellises, gates and grand stairways; it was just stunning! The best part was that it wasn't super crowded so it felt more intimate than the Giverny gardens (although nothing can top that!).



This is a picture of me trying to look cute posing... and failing... I had McCall take so many pictures of me but none of them turned out! Oh well, at least I was enjoying myself in the gardens!


We found the spot where the picture we were trying to replicate was took and we all claimed a person to be. It didn't take long at all to set up everyone to where our characters were in the picture. We had to move fast because there were other people waiting to take pictures on the steps too. My favorite part of the picture is Sean in the background holding all of the girls' purses since we didn't want them to ruin our shot. Lacey was a total doll and sacrificed her moment of glory to take the picture instead of being in it. You go Lacey!


After taking that picture our group split up since some of them wanted to grab something to eat, but some of us wanted to try to find the church that Fraulein Maria was a nun in from the movie. Unfortunately by the time we figured out how to get to where we wanted to go it was time to meet up with our group to visit the castle.

The castle tour was actually really cool. To get up to it we took a cable car (giving us great views of the valley). For the tour itself they had these headsets that you played as you went from room to room (like at Versailles) and they actually did a very good job of presenting a lot of history in interesting light. During the tour you are able to get onto the top part of the castle for an amazing 360 view of the area. Unfortunately it was incredible windy and since I was wearing a dress... well you can imagine the rest. Pretty sure i flashed the entirety of salzburg trying to take a picture. When the wind started picking up even worse I just had to squat down by peoples legs and hold the dress against my body. In between gusts I was able to take some great pictures!

^^^ Old city Salzburg, you can see the Salzburg Dom (from the past before) just in the foreground.





^^^ On the lower balcony from L to R, Madison, McCall, India, Zach, JJ

After we were done with the tour we took the cable car back down to the old city so we could visit the church (seen in the foreground of the first picture). In the room at the bottom of the cable car was a water fountain offering the "best water in the world" or something like that. It was pretty good.

The church was cool, after going to so many different churches they all sort of blend together. What WAS memorable was this man who was clearly on some sort of cocktail slew of drugs and alcohol because he was TWEAKING. He went to the front of the church and started yelling about God and taking off his clothes. It was actually pretty scary to be near him! Especially since when our group was leaving the church (we weren't going to stay while this guy was trippin, he could have gotten violent), he was leaving at the same time so he was RIGHT behind me. Luckily the police showed up and took care of him.

After our short but interesting stint in the church we were free to go until dinner. We finally had the time to see Fraulein Maria's nunnery! On the way up to the chapel we found on of the metal tiles that were placed after the holocaust, showing a jewish person that was forced to leave their home and go to a concentration camp.

^^^ This says: Here lived Rosa Leeb. JG 1921. Deported April 16 1941. She was killed at Schloss Hartheim (according to wikipedia: Schloss Hartheim, located at Alkoven in Upper Austria, some 14 km from Linz, Austria, became notorious as one of the Nazi Euthanasia killing centers, where the killing program Action T4 took place). Killed 1941. Here's a link for more info about her.

The nunnery was really cool! We found the gate that the Von Trapp children in the movie asked "Where's Fraulein Maria?" and of course had to take pictures!


^^^Madeline, Me, Jess, Hannah, Kailey, and McCall. (Jess and I are both rocking our Austria braids!)

^^^Outside of the church!

We went inside to see what it looked like (obviously, haha I don't know why I felt the need to explain that) and the nuns were singing! We sat for a little bit and just listened to them. It was like the time in Venice that we joined the program at a cathedral there, except we didn't know any of the words so we just enjoyed in silence.

After that we headed back to the hotel (or basically kids camp as I thought about it in my head) so we could change out of our sunday clothes for something more casual for dinner.

We met outside the hotel and all climbed on the bus to go the restaurant, Schachlwirt Familie Horvath. It was a little bit of a drive and more in the country, but it was worth it! This was probably my favorite dinner we had. It was traditional Austrian cuisine, which (as i learned) is not the same as German food- forgive me for my ignorance please! But I was very impressed with the meal. Our first course was this potato and onion soup with bacon. SO awesome.


Funny story, so the waitress bringing out the soups accidentally spilled on Claire as she was setting her bowl down. Then she yelled, "Oh s*%@!" Which made us all quietly laugh.When the waitress realized what she had said she went quiet for a few moments and then said, "um... I mean.... oh no!" Which made us all laugh super hard!

The second course somehow was able to top the first with a beef goulash. Mind blowing. I wish there were more Austrian restaurants in the US because that food is so delicious! If anyone knows of any good austrian restaurants in the US that maybe deliver across the country? Food is amazing. I honestly have no idea how I'm not 1000 pounds.


Our third course was (i think?) a cake sort of thing? I didn't take a picture (unfortunately :( ) but I remember it being amazing! The whole restaurant was awesome; to prove my point I just spent the last half hour searching "goulash salzburg" under images, found the right looking goulash and then traced it back to the restaurant. That's dedication right there!

When we got back from the restaurant we really wanted to see Sound of Music so we tried finding it online to play it but that didn't work. Luckily the hotel/kids camp played it in the lobby area every night (which we didn't know about the night before)! Unfortunately the movie was already halfway done but we didn't care.

There was this sign on the way to McCall and I's room that we were obsessed with since it's so much fun to say! We had to take a picture to commemorate the best word ever thought up. Say it, just say it, it's so delightful!


PS I noticed that I get a lot of visitors from Russia, so what's up Russia! Leave me some comments! What a great audience y'all are being! Give yourselves a round of applause and a pat on the back.

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