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Day one: arrival in Venice!

Precursor: I had pictures that I wanted to upload to the blog but since the wifi here is very spotty and slow it would probably take me two hours per picture. So I'll have to wait until I have really good wifi (who knows when that will be) to go back and add all the pictures in.

So after a LONG 18 hours of travel (first from Salt Lake City to the JFK airport in New York, then on to Venice) I arrived! The flights weren't too bad since the two nights before I left I got a total of 7 hours of sleep, which made it easy to just sleep on the plane. Also since my sleep schedule has been so out of whack, I'm not feeling any jet lag yet... But we'll wait and see...

Getting dropped off at the airport was so weird for me because it didn't feel like I was the one leaving. It felt like I was dropping someone else off! But a big shoutout to my roommates for all coming to see me off!


Anyways, on the first flight the man who sat next to me made it really hard to get comfortable. He had no notion of personal space! He was completely fine with spreading out even if it meant having our thighs touch *shudder*. I slept that flight almost pressed up against the wall of the plane. I should have had a window seat, and technically I did, except minus the window. It's like whoever designed the windows of the plane just decided to skip the 15th row completely! Oh well, that flight was made up for on the next one to Venice. One of the girls in my study abroad group had an entire row to herself, so I got to move to sit by her and we each got a seat and a half for the 8 hour flight!

Getting to the hotel was a breeze. We (the other girl and I) simply took a taxi from the airport to Piazzale Roma, and walked across the canal. Luckily two of the other girls in the group, and the coordinator for the professor had arrived at the hotel just five minutes earlier. The view from our window is stunning! We get to overlook a little side canal instead of the huge Piazzale (which is just filled with people and cars).


The girl I travelled with, Lacey, and I are roommates while at this hotel, so we both freshened up, then walked around Venice to see the sights! It wasn't hard to navigate at all, we had a picture of a map of the city, but we never needed to use it. We went into a mask shop to try on masks and then later I got my first Italian gelato- YUM!



After taking a quick nap in the hotel room, we met up with everyone in the group to eat dinner at a pizza place! It was fun because the people I was sitting with all decided to share our pizzas so we could taste a bunch of different kinds. There was one with Brie and walnuts, another with spinach and Parmesan, another with pesto, and mine was an Indian curry kind (not traditional but definitely delicious!)


After dinner a group of six of us roamed the city, first trying to find a purse store and then the hotel. Getting "lost" (the good kind where you don't feel stressed about it) in a foreign city has always been on my bucket list and I got to check it off tonight! I think we wandered around the whole city, but it was fun and an adventure. Venice felt very safe, and we got back to the hotel before it grew to be super dark so all was well.

Anyway, a good first day with promise of a great second one!


PS I think that Venice would be Molly's worst nightmare because there are SO many pigeons here!! They're starting to creep me out a little too, the way they fly right over you, or just watch you as the coo... One of the girls in the group got pooped on by a pigeon, actually, so you can see why she hates them so much!

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Packing is Apparently a Thing...

So I leave tomorrow morning to fly to Venice, with a layover in New York. I'm freaking out a little bit because...
1. I haven't packed yet!
2. I'm flying across an OCEAN by myself to a place where I don't speak the language (yes English is a now universal language, but still...)
and finally 3. the thought of living out of my suitcase for six weeks is not so hot since I'm a total mess with clothes (just ask my roommate).
I keep having these nightmares where I forget my passport at home after getting to the JFK airport... travel anxiety is the worst! Even with all this stress, it's so worth it because check out where I get to go!:
And just as a preview of some of the fantastic sights I'll be seeing, directly from pinterest, here are some pictures!
Dubrovnik, Croatia:
Amsterdam, Netherlands
The famous Sleeping Beauty Castle (Neuschwanstein Castle)
And while I'm excited to visit Auschwitz in Poland, I know that it will be an emotionally charged and harrowing experience.

Some advice for future would-be travelers is to pack slowly and completely, which will make sure that you won't forget anything at home. While I haven't physically put things into my suitcase (where they will stay for the larger part of six weeks) I have bought all my travel toiletries and I know exactly what clothes I want to bring. Also, if you're traveling with a group (even if you feel like you don't know them well enough) ask around to see what, and how much, people are bringing so you won't be the one person with either nothing to wear, or having to lug around a huge suitcase filled with things you didn't need. Trust me, talking to others alleviated a lot of my worry. Also, do NOT forget to put a travel note on your debit/credit cards! Having a frozen card in Europe is no fun. With that, it's always good (if you have some) to just bring local currency with you just in case that happens or if a place doesn't take debit cards. My dad is super awesome and really cool so he travels around the world a lot, which meant he generously provided some much needed Euros for my travels. He's seriously the best!
Well I should probably start packing now, but updates will be coming on Monday, which is when I'll (finally) get to Venice after a long 24 hours of travel!


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