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Days 30: When will you realize... Vienna waits for you?

Kunsthistorisches Museum, Belvedere Museum, and Don Giovanni

We had breakfast in the hotel rooms since the hotel didn't offer complimentary breakfast. McCall was having her cereal with milk and noticed that it tasted a little different than usual. It was then that she picked up the milk bottle and realized that it was actually goats milk! She said, "I probably should've realized this sooner since it had a picture of a goat on it!" I tried a little of the goat milk, I gotta say- it wasn't bad!

The day started at the Belvedere Museum. It was a beautiful building a little outside the main part of the city with a sizable plot of land dedicated to well-kept gardens.



We got to see a bunch of paintings by Gustav Klimt and his contemporaries. He employed the style of Art Nouveau. This style integrated the two categories of art that were believed to be in place at the time, higher and lower. The higher form of art was things like paintings and sculptures, while lower art was things like interior design, architecture, and other decorative arts. Klimt painted but he also included design and pattern into his paintings to combine the two forms of art, as equals.

Here are just a few of the paintings you can see at the Belvedere.

^^^ Die Umarmung (The Embrace): Egon Schiele

^^^Bluehender Mohn (Flowering Poppies): Gustav Klimt

^^^Allee zum Schloss Kammer (Avenue to Schloss Kammer): Gustav Klimt

^^^ Another Gustav Klimt, didn't get the name

^^^ The Kiss: Gustav Klimt, one of his most famous works!

Here were some other paintings from different exhibits in the museum we liked:


^^^ The Five Senses: Hans Makart

After going around the Belvedere we had a break to find somewhere to eat for lunch, so off McCall, Hugh and I went. We left the museum and were just crossing the street when Sara ran up to us and asked if she could join us in our search for a restaurant worthy of our tastebuds, we said of course so we were off again. It took us a little while to find a place that appealed to us, but after a long fruitless search I spotted an interesting sign up ahead in the road, "Zum Weissen Rauchfangkehrer" (The white chimneysweeper). When we walked in we were instantly dazzled, the waitstaff seated us quickly in a cozy booth. They gave us different types of bread to sample (Walnut, pumpernickel, garlic, etc.) as well as this free tasting of this meat and a spinach dumpling.


They also provided us with pumpkin seeds both before (salted) and after (carmelized) the meal (shown is the salted pumpkin seeds).

Then we ordered our main meals. I got the Pork tenderloin over a bed of polenta with bean ragout.

Oh my gosh, one of the best meals on the trip (which is what we all decided as we ate). The atmosphere, the waitstaff, the AMAZING food, it all came together!

^^^ Hugh, McCall, and I enjoying the restaurant... and our food. PC to Sara

We finished our meal, paid, then met up with everyone outside the Kunsthistorisches Museum for yet another few hours of art. This museum was larger than the Belvedere, but it was also more diverse in the art it showed. Madison M, Tashia, JJ, Zach, probably Lauren, Catherine, Kylie, (like I've said before, it's been 6 months, my memory fades!) and I started out in the Egyptian wing, which was incredibly interesting since we hadn't seen anything like it all trip. The best part was when we were in this side room loking at Egyptian figurines. There was a middle-aged couple (either Austrian or German) in there with us. I looked up at one of the displays and noticed it held these blue colored "Shabti". So I said, "Oh cool, Shabti! They're supposed to help the Pharoahs in the afterlife!". Straight of face as can be, JJ said back, "Actually they're Egyptians smurfs." Not only did we all laugh, but the middle-aged man in there with us started laughing so hard his wife had to lead him out of the room!

After staying too long at one part of an exhibit, Madison and I realized that we had lost the rest of the group. We wandered around the Egyptian area for a little while longer, ended up in this Victorian era trinket part of the museum, climbed all the way up to the top floor and back down to the first when we finally caught up to them in the exhibit we were supposed to be at the whole time, the Renaissance section.

We did see what we were meant to see though! Some of my favorites I took pictures of (naturally). Aren't the last two so creative? You go Giuseppe!

^^^ The Madonna in the Meadow: Raphael

^^^ Summer: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

^^^ Winter: Giuseppe Arcimboldo

After leaving the museum we had a little time to head back to the hotel and prepare for the opera we were going to see that night, Don Giovanni at Wiener Staatsoper. We dressed in our very best in preparation! McCall and I decided to save money by skipping dinner since we splurged a little on lunch and were still full.

Opera time. To prepare myself for this one I screenshot the wikipedia summary of the whole opera so I could understand what was going on (even with English subtitles I knew it was going to be a little hard to follow).

^^^ Just one of the many screenshots taken to brace myself for later...

McCall and I ended up sitting next to Dr. D and his wife and daughter. The seats were good, but not great. At least we could see most of the stage, some of the people in our group could only see half the stage or less! While the performance was good (the actors/singers had very good voices) it was probably one of the least favorite things we did during the whole study abroad... and that includes the final. Yea. The whole show was three and a half hours long! THREE AND A HALF. You can only hear people sing

"In Italy, six hundred and forty;
In Germany, two hundred and thirty-one;
A hundred in France; in Turkey, ninety-one;
But in Spain already one thousand and three."

in Italian so many times before you just need to be lobotomized. And in case you aren't familiar with Don Giovanni's story, those numbers are the women he has slept with. I think Mozart was on crack when he was writing that.

By the time that the performance had ended and it was curtain call (and it was lucky I held on for as long as I did) I was having a panic attack from the whole experience, so I grabbed McCall and we left our seats to wait in the lobby area for our friends. On the way home, all of us (Catherine, Lauren, JJ, Zach, Kylie, Tashia, Madison, McCall, and I) were just ragging on the opera. None of us enjoyed it very much. But, like I said above it wasn't the acting, costuming, or singing that made it bad, it was the length of the performance and squished seating. *shudder* Never again. When Kayla got back to our hotel room after McCall and I arrived we made fun of the experience a little bit more then we went back into our bedroom, and for the sake of our brains, which had been pummeled with culture for the entire day, we watched a chick flick on netflix (God bless netflix and it's restorative power of healing the over-stimulated brain!) as we ate carrots and hummus, yogurt, and goat milk cereal.

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Day 29: Salzburg to Vienna:

Hitlers hideaway & Start of "salz"

We left a little earlier than usual since we had a lot to do and appointments to keep!

Our first stop was the Berchtesgaden in Germany that home to a place that was given to Hitler for a retreat during his reign. We had to drive up to this parking lot, and then get onto a bus which drove us far up the mountain. It then let us off at the mouth of a cave. We followed the paved walking road inside the cave to the entrance to a very lavish anteroom. Then we were ushered onto a huge elevator, but since it has to go up so far the workers there squish you in with a bunch of people so it was tight! When we exited the elevator we were in Hitler's "eagles nest"/hideaway. It was built for Hitler for his 50th birthday as a place for him to relax. The interesting thing about that is Hitler was actually claustrophobic, so even though the elevator was mirrored (and unusually big for an elevator) to make him feel better, he still rarely went to the "Kehlsteinhaus" (Eagles Nest).

^^^ Hitler and Nazis at his eagles nest

^^^ Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun at Berchtesgaden

^^^ Berchtesgaden on a sunny day

The Eagles Nest is now a fully running restaurant! We didn't eat there but we did make our way to the very top of the mountain that the Eagles Nest rested on. Seen in the photo above. Unfortunately, just like when we went to the top of Jungfrau, it was INSANELY cloudy! As in, we couldn't see ten feet in front of us! It was cool to know that we were on top of the world, so to say, even if we couldn't see all the way down. Plus, I got to see some real life Edelweiss! Like the song!

When we went back inside (it was very cold out!) we saw the marble fireplace that Mussolini gifted to Hitler. Little tangent story, so Hitler when he was rising to power saw Mussolini as a sort of role model (sick right?), and looked up to him. Well since Hitler became super popular and was actually super successful in rousing his country and taking over others, the roles were reversed and Mussolini started becoming a hitler admirer. So to impress Hitler, he gave him the fireplace. When the Allies took over the Eagles Nest soldiers chipped some of the marble off to bring home to their families, which is why in the picture it looks a little dented in some areas.



After everyone had gotten back from the little trail to the tip of the mountain and had seen the infamous fireplace, we took the elevator and bus back down to where our bus was parked.

our next stop was back in Austria, the Berechtesgaden Salt Mine! Since we had about 30 minutes before we had to report for our salt mine experience we stopped at a local grocery store to pick up stuff to eat for lunch. I will miss how cheap everything in Austria is! It was so nice to have an entire meal for only a few euro!

The first thing we were told to do at the Salt Mine was to get into these shnazzy jumpsuits, like we were real salt mine workers! We had to get these lockers to hold all of our stuff since our suits didn't have pockets and they didn't want us the bring our jackets and purses down with us. Of course we had to take pictures, we couldn't not document it!



^^^L to R: Kylie, me, McCall, Catherine, Lauren, Tashia, Madison

When they were ready for us they took us into a room that had a little rideable train, just big enough for our whole group! But first, lets take a picture!

On floor: Sean (hahaha typical) Bottom row L to R: India, Serena, Hannah, Stephie, Sarah, Megan, Madeline, Lacey, Kailey, Jess. Middle Row L to R: Martin (our bus driver!), Dr. D, his wife, his daughter Addie, Joseph, Claire, Cat, Catherine, Kylie, Zoe, Kayla, Tashia, Lauren. Back row L to R: Amy, Taffin, Madison S, Hugh, Susan, McCall, Zach, JJ, Me (!), Madison M.

The salt mine tour was so cool!! We took the train into the mine and then we got to ride slides down levels of the mine!

^^^Bottom to top: Sarah, Tashia, Madison M, and me.... giving a really weird back massage or something.... not really sure whats going on there!

We learned all about the salt extraction process and history, which sounds really boring written down but they presented the information well so it turned out to be very engaging. There was this room that was interactive with touchscreen computers that gave salt facts (which I found fascinating!) so I excitedly reported to my friends everything I learned. Yes I am a nerd.

We even took a little ferry across a lake in the mine where they solubilize the salt to extract it. We got to taste the water... I doubt anyone kept it in their mouth for longer than 3 seconds. It was like ocean water by 100x worse! I appreciate salt and all it does, but I never ever ever want to drink it again!

After the tour we got to see the pictures that they took of us (the last two ones). And so, like what you do at six flags because you're obviously not going to buy the picture of you, we took a picture of the picture they showed us so we could remember. Well one of the worker guys started yelling at us saying "delete! Delete! Delete!" until Madison deleted it off her phone. It was after we walked out of the salt mine place that tashia said "wait doesn't your photos not get really deleted until after a certain time?" So we looked and there the picture was, under recently deleted! Madison restored it and now we have a pleasantly awkward picture of us sliding.

We got back on the bus and drove to Vienna! It was a longish drive there, over 3 hours (which is pretty long for europe, for going to different cities in america it's child's play!). Nevertheless when we finally checked into our hotel we were sick of sitting on our bums. So we grabbed food from the local grocery store to eat for the next few days at breakfast and some dinners, then changed and went down to the gym. We wanted to use their sauna too but it was closed for the night :(. It felt nice to run and work out for the first time since being in Europe! Plus, Madison, Tashia, Lauren, Catherine, and Kylie were all down there too so it was like a social gathering! After my workout I showered and then chilled with McCall (roommates again, like every hotel!) until we went to bed!

We got to learn a lot of history, which was a good thing since our study abroad was for history, about Austria and Germany. I definitely found the facts about Hitler's hideaway fascinating since I'd heard about it before and read about it in books, so to see what it actually looked like compared to what I pieced together was awesome!

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Day 28: Sunday in Salzburg

We started this day out by going to church in the little ward in the Salzburg. Although the bus did get lost a few times and we had to drive by the same monuments three times since we couldn't just turn around (the streets were too small for a large bus, so we got to restart the drive to the church three times. I loved the church here because it was mainly in German and i actually could understand most of what was being said (well, the gist of it at least). Like the other sundays we only stayed for the first hour. We had a 2 hour block of free time before we went up to visit the castle, so after we were dropped off by the bus, we were off to have an adventure!

Our first stop was Mozart's house. We didn't stay too long since we wanted to find Sound of Music sites, but we looked around the gift shop and we each bought "mozart balls" which are these dark chocolate truffles that are filled with (according to wikipedia) marzipan and nougat. They were soooo good! But I mean they're chocolate truffles so it doesn't have a high possibility of being terrible. Its a confection that Salzburg has taken hold of (since they claim to be the home of Mozart), so it's kind of like the Chicago deep dish pizza of the town.

We then went on to find the garden that was featured in Sound of Music (specifically the Do-Re-Mi song), because we wanted to take a picture like one we found online. It was a beautiful garden, full of color and different types of plants. There were fountains and trellises, gates and grand stairways; it was just stunning! The best part was that it wasn't super crowded so it felt more intimate than the Giverny gardens (although nothing can top that!).



This is a picture of me trying to look cute posing... and failing... I had McCall take so many pictures of me but none of them turned out! Oh well, at least I was enjoying myself in the gardens!


We found the spot where the picture we were trying to replicate was took and we all claimed a person to be. It didn't take long at all to set up everyone to where our characters were in the picture. We had to move fast because there were other people waiting to take pictures on the steps too. My favorite part of the picture is Sean in the background holding all of the girls' purses since we didn't want them to ruin our shot. Lacey was a total doll and sacrificed her moment of glory to take the picture instead of being in it. You go Lacey!


After taking that picture our group split up since some of them wanted to grab something to eat, but some of us wanted to try to find the church that Fraulein Maria was a nun in from the movie. Unfortunately by the time we figured out how to get to where we wanted to go it was time to meet up with our group to visit the castle.

The castle tour was actually really cool. To get up to it we took a cable car (giving us great views of the valley). For the tour itself they had these headsets that you played as you went from room to room (like at Versailles) and they actually did a very good job of presenting a lot of history in interesting light. During the tour you are able to get onto the top part of the castle for an amazing 360 view of the area. Unfortunately it was incredible windy and since I was wearing a dress... well you can imagine the rest. Pretty sure i flashed the entirety of salzburg trying to take a picture. When the wind started picking up even worse I just had to squat down by peoples legs and hold the dress against my body. In between gusts I was able to take some great pictures!

^^^ Old city Salzburg, you can see the Salzburg Dom (from the past before) just in the foreground.





^^^ On the lower balcony from L to R, Madison, McCall, India, Zach, JJ

After we were done with the tour we took the cable car back down to the old city so we could visit the church (seen in the foreground of the first picture). In the room at the bottom of the cable car was a water fountain offering the "best water in the world" or something like that. It was pretty good.

The church was cool, after going to so many different churches they all sort of blend together. What WAS memorable was this man who was clearly on some sort of cocktail slew of drugs and alcohol because he was TWEAKING. He went to the front of the church and started yelling about God and taking off his clothes. It was actually pretty scary to be near him! Especially since when our group was leaving the church (we weren't going to stay while this guy was trippin, he could have gotten violent), he was leaving at the same time so he was RIGHT behind me. Luckily the police showed up and took care of him.

After our short but interesting stint in the church we were free to go until dinner. We finally had the time to see Fraulein Maria's nunnery! On the way up to the chapel we found on of the metal tiles that were placed after the holocaust, showing a jewish person that was forced to leave their home and go to a concentration camp.

^^^ This says: Here lived Rosa Leeb. JG 1921. Deported April 16 1941. She was killed at Schloss Hartheim (according to wikipedia: Schloss Hartheim, located at Alkoven in Upper Austria, some 14 km from Linz, Austria, became notorious as one of the Nazi Euthanasia killing centers, where the killing program Action T4 took place). Killed 1941. Here's a link for more info about her.

The nunnery was really cool! We found the gate that the Von Trapp children in the movie asked "Where's Fraulein Maria?" and of course had to take pictures!


^^^Madeline, Me, Jess, Hannah, Kailey, and McCall. (Jess and I are both rocking our Austria braids!)

^^^Outside of the church!

We went inside to see what it looked like (obviously, haha I don't know why I felt the need to explain that) and the nuns were singing! We sat for a little bit and just listened to them. It was like the time in Venice that we joined the program at a cathedral there, except we didn't know any of the words so we just enjoyed in silence.

After that we headed back to the hotel (or basically kids camp as I thought about it in my head) so we could change out of our sunday clothes for something more casual for dinner.

We met outside the hotel and all climbed on the bus to go the restaurant, Schachlwirt Familie Horvath. It was a little bit of a drive and more in the country, but it was worth it! This was probably my favorite dinner we had. It was traditional Austrian cuisine, which (as i learned) is not the same as German food- forgive me for my ignorance please! But I was very impressed with the meal. Our first course was this potato and onion soup with bacon. SO awesome.


Funny story, so the waitress bringing out the soups accidentally spilled on Claire as she was setting her bowl down. Then she yelled, "Oh s*%@!" Which made us all quietly laugh.When the waitress realized what she had said she went quiet for a few moments and then said, "um... I mean.... oh no!" Which made us all laugh super hard!

The second course somehow was able to top the first with a beef goulash. Mind blowing. I wish there were more Austrian restaurants in the US because that food is so delicious! If anyone knows of any good austrian restaurants in the US that maybe deliver across the country? Food is amazing. I honestly have no idea how I'm not 1000 pounds.


Our third course was (i think?) a cake sort of thing? I didn't take a picture (unfortunately :( ) but I remember it being amazing! The whole restaurant was awesome; to prove my point I just spent the last half hour searching "goulash salzburg" under images, found the right looking goulash and then traced it back to the restaurant. That's dedication right there!

When we got back from the restaurant we really wanted to see Sound of Music so we tried finding it online to play it but that didn't work. Luckily the hotel/kids camp played it in the lobby area every night (which we didn't know about the night before)! Unfortunately the movie was already halfway done but we didn't care.

There was this sign on the way to McCall and I's room that we were obsessed with since it's so much fun to say! We had to take a picture to commemorate the best word ever thought up. Say it, just say it, it's so delightful!


PS I noticed that I get a lot of visitors from Russia, so what's up Russia! Leave me some comments! What a great audience y'all are being! Give yourselves a round of applause and a pat on the back.

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Day 27: Munich to Salzburg

Another breakfast at Arthotel Munich! Just as good as the day before! I was not joking when I said that the breakfast there is something worth trying. Imagine tables of veggies, meats, fruits, cakes, juices, and the list goes on and on! After breakfast we had to load our bags onto the bus since we were checking out that morning. Luckily though, we got to have free time in Munich from the morning to early afternoon.

McCall and I were planning on going around with Madeline, Lacey, and megan, but we were ready about 45 minutes before we were planning on meeting up and we had gotten kicked out of our hotel room, so we got on facebook and sent madeline a message not to wait up for us and set off. We found our way to the shopping center area of Munich (by the glockenspiel) and since McCall wanted to find Birkenstocks we stopped into a shoe store. As we were leaving it, we saw Kiley sitting outside on a bench. So we sat down with her and apparently she was with Catherine, Lauren, JJ, Tashia, Zach, and Madison. So we sat down with her and waited for the others. When they came out of their store, we all went together into this other shoe store to find Birks for McCall. They had this slide down into the kids section and we all took a turn to go down it! After that we stopped in a few other stores, and actually ran into Madeline, Lacey, and Megan who apparently didn't get my message and after they left we realized that it might have looked like we just ditched them to go with our other friends when in reality it was a total coincidence that we ran into them!

There was this one sports store that we went into that sold Fjallraven clothes, so I finally got to buy a t-shirt! I'd wanted one ever since the previous year when my family met up with Ross in Copenhagen and he showed us the store. Plus I kept seeing the backpacks all over campus and I thought the logo was super cool!

For lunch the rest of the crew wanted to go to McDonald's for the cheap food and free wifi, so off we went! McCall and I had brought some of the apples we bought a few days ago for lunch, so we just ate that, but we really wanted to try this german treat called "Spaghetti Eis" or Spaghetti ice cream. So Zoe, who we ran into earlier and came with us to Mickey D's, knew where we could find some! We had spent a long time trying to find a place but luckily Zoe was our girl! We told the rest of the group that we'd see them when we met back up to leave Munich so we could grab some. Basically ice cream shops have these special machines that push ice cream out of these holes that make vanilla ice cream look like noodles. First they put whipped cream on the bottom of the bowl, then is the "noodles", then they put this strawberry sauce (which was way better than stuff you can find in the US since it wasn't super sweet and actually tasted like strawberries) to make it look like tomato sauce, and then they sprinkle nut bits on top to look like parmesan cheese! McCall and I split one and it was totally worth it! SOOOO amazing!! We need this in America!



After we ate that it was time to meet the group back together to get on the bus so we could drive to Salzburg. We were told to meet in the Glockenspiel square, except that this weekend was Munich birthday so the courtyard was PACKED, plus it's already huge which didn't make it any easier. There were little booths selling things, a stage with a concert going on, restaurant seating spilling out into the square, plus a ton of people! Clearly Dr. D didn't think it through all the way when he told us to meet "just in the square". McCall, Zoe, and I were walking around hoping to run into another group of us. We were passing a restaurant when we saw something that will never leave my memory. A man was laying on the ground with his friends beside him pushing him on his side. His face was purple and he was foaming at his mouth. His eyes looked dead. It was so sickening to see that I honestly thought I was going to throw up. His friends were calling for doctors and everyone was rushing around trying to help him. One woman turned to McCall and I, and seeing our shocked faces told us "Make sure to drink your water today" as she walked away from the scene. Apparently this sort of thing isn't super rare on celebration days where people drink a lot of alcohol, not enough water, and it's incredibly hot out. While we didn't want to gawp at this man who so clearly was having a medical emergency, we didn't want to walk away until we knew he wasn't going to die. A minute later paramedics got to him and shortly later got him to sit up. His face was returning to a normal color. It was then that we felt like he would be okay and we could leave. Seeing that definitely affected our moods because we grew somber for a while after that, neither one of us could forget that initial scene.

McCall and I decided that we would wait directly under the glockenspiel to wait for other people to find us, we were told to meet at the glockenspiel and how much closer could you get than directly underneath it! After a few minutes we had found a couple people and were gathering even more. After about half an hour after we were supposed to meet we finally had everyone together. Dr. D led us through the streets to where we were meeting up with Martin and the bus. Then was the two hour drive to Salzburg.

We finally pulled into our hotel, JUFA Salzburg, much later than Dr. D anticipated. Luckily he had given us free time until we were to meet up for the marionette show. The hotel was aimed towards school groups or teens/young adults traveling alone. This meant that they had strict rules for what we could and couldn't do, with pretty severe monetary punishments if we didn't follow it! It felt like I was at a camp or something instead of staying in a hotel... Since we got to the hotel later than planned we only had a short amount of free time, so we (McCall, Madeline, Hugh, and I) used it to walk around Salzburg before meeting in Domplatz, a plaza in front of the Salzburg Cathedral for the show.


The Salzburg Marionette Theatre was actually really cool on the inside! It felt like a regular theater but miniature! We weren't allowed to take any pictures so the only one I got was of the curtain drawn across the stage and the cool light fixture/ceiling.



The opera that they performed was the Magic Flute, which I saw my senior year for German class at as a real opera in Chicago. It was nice that I had that background because they didn't provide us with any english subtitles, just a summary of what happened in each scene so I was able to understand everything that was going on. The performance itself was really well done. The puppets were very fancy and since it was a shortened version of the opera it wasn't too long. I'd recommend going to it if you don't have a night planned while in Salzburg, or even plan it in from the start!

After the show a group of us went to a kebap place, as was tradition, but I didn't buy anything since I wasn't super hungry. The ones who finished eating (or never started in my case) split off from the rest of the group and just headed back to the hotel to settle in for the night. We did get a little bit lost on the way back to the hotel, however with the brains of McCall, Madeline, Hugh, and I we made it back without too much damage.

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Day 26: Munich- BMW welt and Biergarten

We started the day at BMW Welt (BMW World- the BMW factory). Although when we left we almost left behind like 4 people, and we did leave behind one person, since Dr. D was sick of being late to everything so we started off after already waiting for five minutes. Claire and her friend that was doing an internship in Munich came out of the hotel and started running after the bus since we were driving away. Luckily they were still able to make it. Honestly though, it was usually the same people late everyday so it was nice to have Dr. D put his foot down for once (although on this day it wasn't the usual people that were late that almost got left behind). Not saying that I didn't like those people, I really did! Everyone was nice. it was just that I'm a VERY punctual person so people that aren't give me anxiety.

So we made it to the museum/ factory with minus one person. Outside the buildings Dr. D gave a lesson on how factories and engineering changed society back in the early 1900s. An interesting perspective. It's hard to imagine being essentially trapped in you near environment because the fastest you could go was on a horse, or a ship if it was water traveling! Now we're able to travel around the world in like a day! (Puts Around the World in Eighty Days into perspective!)

The museum was pretty cool, it basically showed how BMW started by making aircraft engines all through WWI. Then they also sold motorcycles, which started off as only a side product but it soon grew more popular. In 1929 they started manufacturing cars. During WWII however, they only concentrated on aircraft, motorcycles became a side business again, and they didn't work on cars. After the war, they survived by selling pots and pans (who knew?!) and motorcycles until later they started concentrating on cars more. For a while it didn't bring in a ton of profit, but with persistence they got more and more sales and turned into the automobile giants that we know today!

^^^ Car from inside the museum

^^^ One of their newer prototypes!

After our museum tour we got to go to the showroom and look at currently available cars! They also offer test drives.... but you have to be 21 years old and put down a 1000 Euro deposit! We're college kids- ain't no one got that money ready to use at the bank! It was fun to sit in all the cars though. We were all feeling like high flyers (even though we couldn't pay for the test drive).

^^^ They had motorcycles too!


I went around for the first part with Catherine, Lauren, and Kiley. This is us about to cruise.


Once we got our fill of automobiles, we waited for our group to get back together to go to the Pinakothek der Moderne museum. Lauren and McCall decided to go on the actual factory tour (which I think we might have been supposed to do originally, but it didn't work out). Dr. D kept asking Catherine and I if we were sure that we didn't want to go with our friends, and we actually were debating whether or not to go, but we decided to visit the museums instead. I'm glad we did- we had a lot of fun!

We were dropped off in the museum area of the city that had all of the museums. We were given our tickets that would let us into most of them (if not all? I don't remember). Catherine, JJ, Zach, Hugh, Madison, Tashia, and I broke off from the broke to try to find somewhere to eat. Unlike other occasions where we search for an hour just to find a place to eat, we stumbled on this place called the Burger House and it sounded good to everyone so we went in!

We sat in the booth at the back and all squeezed in! The atmosphere was super chill, which was nice. And they were playing this 90's station out of like Maine or something,, so while a little dated, felt like home!
(photos courtesy of google maps)

I only ordered some of their house fries because I wasn't very hungry after the awesome breakfast I got in the morning. But those fries were magical! Not as good as Portillos fries, but still really really good! I tried someone's burger and they were really good too! If you're in Munich- go there!

After eating we walked to where we thought the museum Dr. D recommended us to go in was, but it was a modern art museum. We had the tickets that let us get into it and since it was featuring art pieces by Andy Warhol, we decided to check it out anyway! The first problem we had was someone had a water bottle that had water in it, which apparently was not allowed! Then there were a few other things (like food?) that we had to check in the coat room because they were very strict! (I din't have to check anything because my water bottle, etc. was in my purse and they didn't check that!

This museum was my all time favorite, not because of the art- that was ridiculous, minus like three pieces- but because we had a LOT of fun joking about the art! A little too much fun... The museum security basically just followed us around the whole time! There was this one piece of art (Zach's favorite) that was this slab of wax with a candle coming out of it. It had hair all over the top of the base and was nude colored... so as you can imagine it ended up giving a VERY um phallic vibe... There was this other thing- and I won't even call it art because it wasn't- that was literally just a bag of kitty litter on the ground. It was called "Kitty Litter". Very original.

We walked into this one room that had a disco ball hanging from the ceiling by a chain. JJ said immediately "It looks like a wrecking ball!" and me, being facetious said "of course not! It's supposed to represent the breaking of society..." (reading off of the description of it's "meaning" on the wall by it. And then JJ said, "Look! It literally says 'like a wrecking ball'!" He then went near the disco ball and pretended to ride it like in the Miley Cyrus music video and sang "I came in like a wreeeeeeecking ball!". This old lady who worked for the museum started yelling at him in German, so we left that room quickly, stifling our laughs. It was definitely the most fun I've ever had in a museum.

After walking through the Andy Warhol and contemporaries exhibit, we went to the museum that Dr. D recommended to us. It was a museum featuring actual useful things as art, so like stylings of chairs, tables, phones, typewriters, etc. I think Ross would have really enjoyed it! Right as you walk into the museum part that had all of this stuff there was this wall that featured a lot of the objects. We sat in these chairs at the base of it and we made up "meanings" behind what was in the shelves and how it was positioned. I think we spent a solid 30 minutes doing that! So much fun.


We kept doing that all throughout this museum as well as the Modern art museum. 2 for 2 fun museums! After we left that one we found the park we were supposed to meet at and relaxed and laid down in the grass, enjoying the sun. When it was time to meet together with the group we got up and found everyone. We walked to the center of town to the Glockenspiel and got to see it go off!


It was really cool!... the first three minutes... then the music started to get to me. To be perfectly honest it was very neat to see all the moving parts and such, so it's definitely worth a visit if you're in Munich- plus it's so famous that you can't just not do it!

After that we were free until we met at the hotel to walk to dinner! We decided to look in some of the many stores that are around the glockenspiel and since Tashia had her phone stolen back at the Louvre, we stopped in at a t-mobile store for her.

This was one of the stores we passed that reminded me of my friend Rachel back home, so I sent it to her that night when I got wifi.


After we walked back to our hotel and relaxed for about 30 minutes, it was time to meet up with everyone to walk to the Augustiner-Keller Biergarten for our dinner! The people who went to the BMW factory tour were still gone so they had to grab a taxi or find their way to the restaurant without us.

^^^ Disclaimer: this photo and the next few are just ones I found online from others.

There were so many people there! I think the website said that they had like 5000 seats! When we got there our tables (on the deck of the place- most people were out in the gardens, which is seen in the picture below) they were already set up with the first course! Dr. D ordered the Bavarian meal 1 for all of us, which meant that the starter was this huge plate of radishes, meats, cheeses, breads, hard-boiled egg slices, and on and on. It was quite a feast for just the first course! I was sitting by Tashia, Catherine, and all them. Well while waiting for our main dish, Tashia had said "Guys you HAVE to stop me from eating more bread!" So when she grabbed the other half of her slice to eat, without thinking, I grabbed it out of her hand and threw it off the deck into the trees that separated us from the huge groups of people at the tables below (pictured above). The second after I did that I realized what I had done, and with surprised expression on my face, said "Oh my gosh, I am SO sorry!!" Tashia and everyone else thought it was super funny so at least she wasn't offended, but I felt so bad!


The second course was just as good as the first. We had duck, pig, this huge potato dumpling, and red cabbage. So amazing! The only problem was that I was getting full... The guys at our table (Zach and JJ) got this non-alcoholic drink offered by the restaurant that was a mix of a bunch of sodas, i tried a bit and it was different, but good! Germans really know how to do comfort food! (Them and the Southerners need to get together- imagine wienerschnitzel and waffles!)



Finally we had our dessert, which was this Bavarian vanilla cream with raspberries and whipped cream on top. Definitely a good way to end the meal! I liked that it was more yogurt-y in that it wasn't super sweet, it had a bit of a bite to it.

The atmosphere was a lot of fun to experience. There was a steady hum of noise from all the people talking, with the traditional german band playing songs layered on top of that. We were able to have really great conversation with everyone because it wasn't too loud and the food came out at the perfect time, so we had time between courses to talk. It grew dark as we ate, so it gave us all this cozy feeling as we were eating good food, and surrounded by friends. Kind of like the danish hygge!

This was my picture as we were leaving the restaurant. This is the reason why I relied on the internet for the pictures today haha, clearly my skills are lacking. It felt like a hobbit party at the Shire in the first LOTR movie! (I know, I know, I'm such a nerd...)


After we finished our dessert we made our way back to the hotel (luckily Hugh remembered the way!) and went back to our rooms. McCall and I (as per usual) were in the same room so instead of going right to bed, we had a little dance party... which consisted mainly of me spinning around the room. Whatever don't judge me, it was fun!

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